TIH Maxum Business Incubator


Organisation: The Innovation Hub


The Maxum Business Incubator develops the business leaders of tomorrow by providing an enabling environment where start-ups from the knowledge intensive sectors are fast tracked to compete in the global village. Incubation creates a synergistic environment where entrepreneurs can share learning; create working partnerships; as well as open doors to markets and resources.

The pre-incubation programme (renamed Maxum Innovation Factory) is between six to nine months duration and the main incubation programme (Maxum Core) lasts up to three years.  In pre-incubation, entrepreneurs are assisted to refine their business cases and finalise their prototypes, whereas in main incubation the focus is on commercialisation, growth in revenues and sustainability.

Focus Industries:

  • Mobile
  • Smart Industries
  • Bio Economy
  • Green Economy


  •  Intellectual Property Support – Consultation with IP, IP strategies, IP and legal due diligence, Access to patent searches, IP and commercialisation of IP workshops, IP licensing and advisory services
  • Market Access Research Tool – database useful for conducting market research and for retrieving useful market reports.
  • Contract Management Support – Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of contracts
  • 3D Printing Studio – We provide access to a 3D printing studio for printing and designing prototypes*


Offices – Pretoria, Gauteng
Application Process – Online

Contact Details

Website: http://www.theinnovationhub.com
Telephone: +27 12 844 0000
Email: info@theinnovationhub.com
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