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Most entrepreneurs believe that their businesses are worth something – usually the amount they need when they retire or sell the business to start something new. Sadly, this isn’t the case and 94,6% of businesses started never get sold.

The purpose of a business owner should be to build an Asset of Value. This is a business that attracts growth funding or a premium price when you decide to sell it. Don’t realise this too late since it takes time to build a business into an Asset of Value. If you are not building an Asset of Value, you are building a job and jobs don’t get sold. No business owner can afford this since the sale of your business is the pension against which you retire.

Business Acceleration helps you build a business from the perspective of an investor or buyer. This ensures that when you need growth funding to expand your business you will find eager investors. It also ensures that when you choose to sell your business you will find eager buyers who will see value in paying a premium price for your business asset!


A business with a robust foundation, accelerating growth resulting from a well thought out strategy, comprehensive business systems, reliable and accurate financial management systems, smart making structures and enhanced funding prospects all designed to build an Asset of Value.

Qualifying Entrepreneurs/Businesses:

  • Business owners who have been trading for 2-30 years.
  • Business generating annual turnover from R3m.

Cost: Aurik does not take equity in your business and charges a monthly fee for the business development support programme we build for you.*


Offices – Johannesburg, South Africa
Application Process – Online Enquiry

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Telephone: 011 447 5575
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