eGoliBio Life Sciences Incubator

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Organisation: eGoliBio

eGoLiBio serves as a development agent for the commercialization of bioscience products.
On an ongoing basis we seek to identify potential entrepreneurs with innovative technologies to convert bioscience research into commercially viable venture. We take pride in creating a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs operating in the biotechnology sector which also allows for a free exchange of ideas.


  • Product development and testing
  • Design and packaging
  • Business advice and coaching
  • Assist with technical requirements
  • Access to market and exhibitions

Qualifying Entrepreneurs/Businesses:

  • Company must be registered
  • There must be a product
  • Proof of concept achieved


  • Complete Application Forms
  • Company Registration Documents
  • Business Profile*


Offices – Pretoria, Gauteng
Application Process – Physical Submission

Contact Details

Telephone: +27 12 844 0724
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