Chemin Technology Incubation

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Organisation: Chemin Technology Incubator

In the chemical sector, entrepreneurs generally have reasonable levels of technical skills. However, the skills required for evaluating, developing and commercialising identified business opportunities are generally lacking. Hence, considerable assistance is required to get the business opportunity into a format and to a level of sophistication that enables the development of a conceptual business plan that identifies the technical and commercial parameters needing validation.

The necessary careful guidance and mentoring at this early stage must be given to focus the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs on the skills required to take a new start-up through the various phases of development and finally, onto becoming a successful business.


  • Manufacturing space
  • Technology feasibility evaluation
  • Techno-economic evaluation
  • Piloting
  • Technical and business skills training
  • Process and product development refinement
  • IP Management and trademark registration
  • Analytical services and quality test
  • Market research assessment
  • Partnering and network assistance
  • Business structuring
  • Compilation and bankable business plan
  • Company formation
  • Office space
  • Boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology

Qualifying Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses
Chemin uses a number of basic admission criteria to determine the eligibility of a project for admission to a more elaborate pre-incubation evaluation:

  • Chemistry is involved, i.e. the transformation of chemicals must be a fundamental part of the business
  • A product or process that impacts on downstream chemical industry
  • Technology is post research phase, i.e. the technology of the process and/or product must have, at least, been proven at laboratory scale.
  • Business must have technical expertise
  • Market potential must be demonstrated
  • The business must be potentially profitable
  • At least one entrepreneur/champion involved
  • The business must be a SME as defined by the Department of Trade and Industry, a group of partners or a single entrepreneur


  • Completed expression of interest form
  • ID copies of members
  • Company registration documents
  • Tax clearance
  • BEE certificate(if you have one)
  • Proof of bank account*


Offices – Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal
Application Process – Physical Submission

Contact Details

Telephone: 010 594 0641
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