SoftStart Business and Technology Incubator (SBTI)

Business Incubation

Business incubation – like the name suggests it has to do with business growth. South Africa is a country with massive potential and possibilities. That potential is recognised, and therefore Softstart BTI as well as other Incubators have been established to assist with this growth so please find below a complete summary all about Softstart BTI.

Business and technology, mentoring and coaching, strategy and policy, communication marketing, financial management, furnished office space, networking opportunities, virtual hot desks.

Sustainability Goals for SBTI

Softstart BTI is committed to delivering technology innovations that will help the organisation reduce energy demands, manage energy and environmental footprint, and rethink business practices to reduce environmental impact and improve their bottom line. The sustainability goal for Softstart BTI is to enable IT efficiency and assist Incubators/Incubatees use IT to support sustainability across their operations too.

SBTI Support

  • Innovative Technology
  • Business potential of technology
  • Market pull, not technology push
  • Ability to raise capital
  • Team quality and potential
  • Incubator fit with innovation content
  • Fit and synergy with other incubator clients
  • Ability of the incubator to deliver value to the prospective client

Support Services on Red Case

Contact Information

Telephone: 011 695 4800

Physical Address

220 2nd Street

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