Raizcorp is Africa’s only unfunded for-profit business incubator model, which provides full service business support programmes that guide entrepreneurs to profitability. Raizcorp has created “Prosperation” – its own unique, world-renowned model of business incubation.

Founded in 2000, Raizcorp has become Africa’s premier business incubator model. Through a rigorous selection process, programmes are targeted to those with the highest potential to succeed. Once selected, the entrepreneurs are exposed to a high-touch support programme that continues to produce excellent results. In association with the Da Vinci Institute, Raizcorp operates as a faculty of entrepreneurship, offering entrepreneurial learning approved by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Raizcorp is the first business support organisation in Africa to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI), the UK government-approved standards setting body for entrepreneurial development.
Raizcorp works with entrepreneurs, corporates, and governments around the globe in order to support entrepreneurial development strategies and initiatives.*




Support Services on Red Case

Contact Information

Telephone: 011 838 8260
Website: http://www.raizcorp.com
Email: enquiries-ms@raizcorp.com

Physical Address

16 Desmond Street

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