eGoliBio sector focus is on product and/or services that use biological components and processes which entails the first, second and third generation. This allows our clients who use relatively crude technique (manufacturing of food , beverages, etc) as well as those using the sophisticated methods (pure cell or tissue culture of organisms that have been specifically selected, through random cross-breeding or similar techniques for their superior production) to partake fully in the services of incubation.

eGoLiBio activities are aligned to Department of Science (DST) National Biotechnology Strategy (NBS) with regards to development of bioeconomy. The NBS reflects the government commitment to biotechnology as an important source of future economic growth and aligned with many developing and developed countries which invest heavily in biotechnology skills and infrastructure. eGoLiBio although situated in Gauteng, the incubator client base is national.

It is important to recognize that biotechnology in South Africa is, as most developing countries still an emerging sector. The creation of sustainable bioeconomy requires commitment to supporting all stages in the value chain, from basic research through to enterprise creation. While eGoLiBio was created to serve the latter end of value chain, through experiences it has become clear that incubators contribution should extend beyond that of incubating a “start-up” that are close to near market commercialisation, incubates requires a “pre-commercialisation” support.

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Contact Information

Telephone: 012 844 0724
Email: info@egolibio

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Unit L14 Enterprise Building
6 Mark Shuttleworth Street
The Innovation Hub

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