Interview: Mogau Seshoene of The Lazy Makoti

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Mogau Seshoene is the founder and CEO of The Lazy Makoti, a cooking startup, with some retail… or is it education? The Lazy Makoti provides comprehensive cooking lessons that are largely targeted at the young professional who do not know their way around the kitchen as they would like. The Lazy Makoti also sells branded kitchen accessories that are manufactured in Mamelodi.


Mogau Seshoene

This rising star was born and breed in a township in Turloop Mankweng in Limpopo and obtained a Bcom Consumer Science and Retail Management degree from the University of Pretoria. She has received lot of print (Sowetan, The Times, Woolies, Taste Mag, Drum, Move, The Star), radio (5 FM, Metro, Radio2000, Y FM, Power FM, SA FM), tv (Tonight with Bruce Whitefild, CNBC, Shift, Sunday Live) and online (SMME South Africa, Destiny Connect, YoMzansi) media attention for her initiative and judging by her Facebook and Twitter following she has a massive customer and support base.

Here’s a funny story: so about a year ago, I was at a mall in Pretoria and I bumped into Mogau. She told me that things were not going well with The Lazy Makoti, so rough that she had just come back from an interview with a recruitment agency. She was passionate about her business but bills were stacking up, “I just want a job in admin or reception,” she said, “just to pay the bills so that I can focus on my business when I’m not filing or taking calls!” I don’t think she got a job because soon after we met her business took off and she hasn’t looked back since. It is a great example of her dedication.

One of the most impressive parts of her story is that she does not have any entrepreneurial experience… hmmm… although she did tell me about a non-profit she started that taught her a thing or two about going into business with friends but anyway… Lets get into it.

Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes?

  1. Will Smith
  2. Will Smith
  3. Will Smith

Isn’t he just everything? The looks, the talent, the success, the body and to add to that he is a great husband and father. A girl can dream….

What will be your first indulgence with your first $1,000,000? Why?

Take my family on an overseas trip


Tell us about your business 

The Lazy Makoti provides intimate and informative Cooking Lessons for the modern afropolitian who would like to learn the lost art of preparing favourite authentic South African dishes. The classes include comprehensive one on one cooking sessions that teach how to make a meal from scratch and includes helpful hints and tips to use in the kitchen.

The Lazy Makoti also provides Contemporary locally made kitchen accessories that include aprons, chopping boards and wooden spoon sets.

What do you love most about running your own business and what’s torture about it?

I love the idea of creating something that is all mine, I also appreciate the creative and overall freedom of being able to decide what goes into building the business and brand.

The not so good about your own start up is that everything falls on your shoulders. It can be very exhausting not to mention lonely. You always have to be available for the business, anytime, all the time making it hard to have time for anything else.

Single greatest strength that has contributed to your success? Single greatest weakness that you’ve succeeded in spite of?

My tenacity. My ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel even when things are bleek

Procrastination. When everything is inevitably your responsibility you learn to get round to doing it.

What do you consider to be the greatest misconception that people have about running their own businesses?

That you get to “make your own hours” therefore you have more time to “chill”. When you are Marketing, Human Resources, Finance etc there is hardly any time to yourself.

Where do SA entrepreneurs drop the ball?

Not knowing how to separate themselves and their business. Typical examples are using the business funds as your own or having the same social media accounts for the business/brand and the owner. You follow the brand say on Instagram to view the products then next thing you are seeing pictures of their “bae” or car selfies.


If I was minister of Small Business Development, I would…

Make the state funds more accessible, I’m yet to meet one entrepreneur who has actually received said funds.

Encourage entrepreneurship earlier in the lives of youth, I believe entrepreneurship will solve a lot of our countries problems and is relevant for everyone; whether you study medicine, engineering or business, this message should be preached earlier on. At a high school level, I would add a compulsory entrepreneurship subject

Business Incubation centres in townships that would help with company registration, skill transfer, workshops, internet and mobile rent-a-office etc, centres like The Branson centre in Braam

Realeboga Sesi Mogau. We wish you all the best.

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Twitter and Instagram : @thelazymakoti


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