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Organisation: IDF Managers

IDF Managers is not a simple provider of finance, we seek to identify real entrepreneurial businesses whose owners are committed to growth and job creation. We couple our funding with business support in accordance with the needs of both the entrepreneur as well as the business. We will walk the path with you in finding the best model to make your business successful.

Our funding products are structured in accordance with the capitalisation needs of each business and the structuring is determined on the commercial merits of each case. To date our funding products have taken the form of debt, equity and quasi-equity. We are a long term funder as we believe that a long term partnership is what entrepreneurs often need to meet their business growth objectives. We also provide short term financing should the merits of these case dictate that this is the most appropriate form of funding although our preference remain long term funding.


Excluded industries:
  • Speculative real estate
  • Non-commercial ventures
  • Business deriving revenue from gambling, liquor, military or illegal activities
  • Businesses not socially responsible or adverse to the development of small businesses
  • Agencies
  • Primary farming
  • Replacement finance
  • Professional services
Qualifying Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses:
  • Black owned and managed (51% or more); or
  • Black women and managed businesses (51% or more); or
  • Black youth owned and managed (51% or more); or
  • White women owned and managed (51% or more); or
  • Operational involvement by the entrepreneurs and
  • Growth potential and commercial sustainability;
  • At least 6 months operational track record;
  • Entrepreneur must be willing to receive business support;
  • A clear exit strategy
Industry Focus:
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Tourism
  • Agro-processing
  • Mining and infrastructure related services
  • Healthcare services
  • ICT
  • Construction
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Other productive sectors
  • Supply chain linked opportunities

Funding Products:

  • Cash Flow Finance (Using Bright On Capital platform)
  • Term Debt
  • Ventures

Cash Flow Finance (Using an online platform):

  • Online enterprise lending
  • Working capital, sales-backed finance
  • Invoice and purchase order financing
  • Supply chain linked
  • Provide short-term loans – 7 days to 12 months
  • Loan size: R50k to R1 million
  • Invoice loans approved in as soon as 1 business day for registered clients
  • Purchase-order loans approved in 3 business days for registered clients
  • Prime-linked interest rates
  • Loans secured by cession of invoice or purchase order
  • Personal sureties required of directors and shareholders

Term Debt:

  • Expansion capital finance
  • Supply chain linked
  • Provide term loans – 3 months to 5 years
  • Loan size R1 mil to R5 mil
  • Senior debt structure (Secured & unsecured)
  • At least 80% of loan amortized over duration of loan period
  • Maximum 30% residual (bullet) payment
  • Prime-linked interest rates
  • Security (contracts, property, vehicles, other movable assets)
  • Personal sureties required of directors and shareholders
  • At least 12 months trading history


  • Growth & acquisition capital finance
  • Investment in high growth companies
  • Fund makes equity or equity-linked investment
  • Fund investment size: R1 million – R20 million (over life of the investment)
  • Fund seeks equity and venture capital returns
  • Fund seeks clear exit strategy
  • Fund requires strong & committed management team
  • At least 6 months trading history
  • Ventures shall invest in a maximum of 20 portfolio companies*
Offices – Gauteng
Application Process – Online:

Contact Details

Telephone: 011 772 7900/7910
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