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Organisation: Grofin

GroFin’s pioneering solution combines finance and business support to address the core challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face. We understand SMEs and have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs and business owners start or grow successful businesses. As a GroFin client you will benefit directly from our experience and networks.

We focus on your unique needs providing a solution that is structured on a case-by-case basis to help you reach your business objectives. We are not a finance broker or a service facilitator;  we invest both financial and expertise directly into your business. Our success is measured by your success.
  • Access to appropriate finance based on the needs of your business
  • Access to expert business support to help you grow
  • An enabling environment supportive of your business
Qualifying Entrepreneurs/Businesses:
  • Actively invovled in and knowledgeable about their businesses
  • Requiring finance between US$50 000 to US$1.5m for a term of four to six years.
  • Needing business support that will add value to and benefit the business
  • Willing to work with GroFin as a business partner
  • Prepared to implement a financial management system that enables monthly management reporting to GroFin*
  1. GroFin Application for Business Loan
  2. Business plan or company profile describing the history
  3. Three year’s sales projections with detailed sales assumptions. First year’s sales projections to be in month-month format
  4. Year-end financial statements for the last 3-5 years
  5. Interim business financial statements(income statement and balance sheet) no older than 45 days at the time of application
  6. Debtors age analysis/Accounts receivable that match the date of the most recent management accounts
  7. Creditors age analysis/Accounts payable that match the date of the most recent management accounts
  8. Copies of relevant supply agreements
  9. Copy of franchise agreement(if applicable).
  10. Copy of purchase agreement/option to purchase (buying a property or a business).
  11. Certified copies of all shareholders’ ID documents
  12. Certified copies of all directors’ ID documents
  13. CVs/Resumes of all executive directors and key management
  14. Personal financial statements of all shareholders and executive directors**
**Application Checklist
Offices – Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal
Application process – Physical Submission

Contact Details

Telephone: +27 12 998 8280
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