IDC Clothing and Textiles

Our goal is to develop a viable model for the clothing and textiles industry, supporting existing players to enhance competitiveness, wherever possible.

IDC Gro-e Youth Scheme

Of the R10-billion set aside for the Gro-e-Scheme, R1-billion has been earmarked to fund businesses owned by young people (younger than 35).

IDF Fund

IDF Managers is not a simple provider of finance, we seek to identify real entrepreneurial businesses whose owners are committed to growth and job creation.

NEF iMbewu Entrepreneurship Finance

The Entrepreneurship Finance product is aimed at providing startup and expansion capital to new and early-stage businesses that are owned and managed by black people.

NEF iMbewu Franchise Finance

The Franchise Finance product is aimed at assisting black entrepreneurs who wish to acquire a franchise license.

NEF iMbewu Procurement Finance

The Procurement Finance product is aimed at assisting black-owned SMEs that have been awarded tenders or contracts by public and private sector entities.

NEF RCD Expansion Capital

This product facilitates involvement and ownership by communities in projects promoting social upliftment of rural and community projects using entities such as co-operatives and private companies

NEF RCD New Venture Capital

New Venture Capital product is aimed at assisting rural entrepreneurs and co-operatives and communities with equity contribution towards establishment of sustainable new ventures in Agri-sector including forestry, tourism, processing, etc.

NEF RCD Acquisition

This product was designed to cater for rural entrepreneurs or communities seeking to buy equity in existing rural and community enterprises

NEF uMnotho Liquidity and Warehousing

This product assists BEE shareholders who need to sell a portion or all of their shares (as minority stakes in unlisted firms are hard to sell)

NEF uMnotho Capital Markets

This product invests in BEE enterprises, particularly those owned by black women, that seek to list on the JSE or its junior AltX market.

NEF uMnotho Expansion Capital

The NEF will provide funding of R5 million to R75 million to entities that are already black-empowered, but seek expansion capital to grow the business.

NEF uMnotho New Venture Finance

This product provides capital of R5 million to R25 million per project for BEE parties seeking to participate in medium-sized greenfields projects with total funding requests of between R10 million and R200 million

NEF uMnotho Acquisition Finance

BEE applicants seeking to fund equity purchases of between R2 million and R75 million in existing businesses

BP Women in Business

The Business Partners Limited Women in Business Fund aims to afford women entrepreneurs a fair and equal opportunity to start, expand or purchase an existing business.

BP Venture Fund

Business Partners recognises the potential benefit that innovative and high risk growth enterprises can bring to the country.

BP Manufacturing Fund

The Business Partners Manufacturing Fund aims to deliver finance in a commercially sustainable manner, to Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector

BP Green Fund

We seek to finance businesses which actively develop, manufacture and provide goods and services aimed at ‘saving the planet’

BP Education Fund

Business Partners aims to assist in alleviating this challenge by providing existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in this industry with finance and support

BP Brands and Franchise Fund

Business Partners Limited has over 30 years’ experience in the financing of franchised businesses.

BP Business Finance

Business Partners Limited structures unique, individualised financing solutions. Deals are structured using equity, shareholders’ loans accounts, revenue sharing and term loans or any combination of these.


Need the funding, mentorship, and access to networks required to acquire a leading business in your industry?


Attention all small business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs! This is where you’re meant to be if you’re looking for help to grow your empire.

RFF Asset Finance

Asset Finance is offered in several forms, with the primary objective of providing an affordable solution and preserving the cash flow of SMEs.

RFF Trade Finance

Royal Fields Finance can provide short-term funding for the importation of goods into South Africa. If required, we can also assist in mitigating the risk of importing these goods.

RFF Contract/Project Finance

This facility is intended for borrower with public/private sector contracts to provide goods and/or services. The facility provides working capital that can be utilised to cover the cost associated with fulfilling the contract.

RFF Bridging Finance

This is a short-term loan (usually 1-6 months) intended to bridge the finance gap between transactions. The loan is especially useful where the borrower is expecting funds in the short term but requires intermediate funding.

RFF Working Capital

We provide this facility to small businesses temporarily in need of cash. The borrower must demonstrate cash flow (i.e. tenders, contract, etc) out of which the facility will be repaid.

NYDA Grant Programme

The NYDA Grant Programme is designed to provide young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to access both financial and non-financial business development support in order to enable them to establish or grow their businesses.

GEP Micro – Agricultural Finance (Mafisa)

In terms of the agreement between GEP and Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, loans of around R500 000 per entrepreneur will be made available to agricultural SMMEs in Gauteng.

SEFA Bridging Loan

A short-term loan that is provided to an enterprise to finance working capital needs (i.e. stock and/or operating overheads.)

Grofin Business Loan

GroFin’s pioneering solution combines finance and business support to address the core challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face.

GEP Financial Support Program

GEP offers Gauteng based enterprises who meet certain criteria funding subject to the enterprise proving financial viability and the ability to repay the loan.

SEFA Term Loan

A loan with a specific amount, which has a specified repayment schedule and a floating or fixed interest rate.